Who Will Elaine Root For In NHL Playoffs Now That Vancouver Is History?

Posted: May 11, 2009

Premise of Video: (from the vlogger) Share the passion and the LOVE! Dedicated to all you crazy Canucks fans, especially my little bro, Eugene! GO CANUCKS GO! No matter what happens, we will always love you!

Choreographed and improvised by yours truly, Elaine :)

Climax of Video: Pretty much the whole video had us. It’s 50-seconds. Give it a try. You’ll love Elaine’s enthusiasm for the NHL playoffs.

Conclusion: We are practically begging Elaine to shoot more sports videos. Commentary on the upcoming conference finals, the Cavs chances to erase the curse, the Blue Jays chances of holding off the Red Sox. Anything. Please, Elaine?

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