Citi Field's First Streaker Covers Dong With Stuffed Animal, Goes Ty Cobb Into Second Base


3526675589_26cbb7a36b_oIt was just a matter of time before a New York moron decided to make the plunge and become the first ever dong covered by stuffed animal streaker in Citi Field history.

Last night the Citi got a show and classic slide into second base. Nice form, brah.

In other words, this guy will have about 15-20 minutes of fame and then be asked to never return to the field ever again.

Expect NY tabloids to investigate his sex life, past arrests, how he put together the costume, dong size, possible celebrity hook-ups, etc.

Video after the jump.

Here is how this went down.

Streaker decides he’s going to make the plunge. Finds buddy to act as cameraman for documentation purposes.

Into YouTube record books and straight to jail.


[Mets get their first Citi Field streaker] NY Daily News

[Friend Craig Coakley] Facebook

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