NBA-TV Sideline Princess Melanie Collins Has More Photos You Need To See

Update: NBA, Melanie Collins equally not happy tongue-to-butt photo is on Internet.

The first thing to happen after we brought the world’s attention to NBA-TV’s Melanie Collins was the removal of photos from her Facebook account.

But leave it to Brazilian bloggers to find some new ‘old’ photos of Collins from back in her college days at Penn State, before she was the rising star of the sideline princess sorority. went above the call of duty to mine these fun pics that show Collins is young, a good time and forever known as the hot Erin Andrews wannabe with great photos.

We can only praise Melanie for these pics. This is why we jumped on and created the bandwagon last December.

Expect to see Ms. Collins to start popping up on baseball games and probably a higher profile assignment next fall. Our educated guess has her working TNT games by next January. That would give her an entire year in the business.

ESPN by 2011. Mark it down.

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