Headlines: Kyle Boller, Barry Sanders Impress Beer Cart Girls At Happy Gilmore Open


kylebollermain_happy-gilmore-sideQuick, name Kyle Boller’s employer.

Same here. No idea.

So how is it that beer cart girls even comprehend Boller’s celebrity status? Is there some sort of underground network of marginally cute beer cart girls that send word via texts that semi-famous football players are on the course?

The cart girls were out at the Happy Gilmore Open over the weekend in Tempe and had a camera.


BC Special Assignment Editor Art McGregor scrounged up some innocent photos of the fun but what these reveal is that Barry Sanders is way friggin’ short and Kyle Boller has golfing buddies way out of his celebrity league.

By the way, what’s up with the bikini underneath beer cart girls shirt? Is that the entertainment at the turn for Kevin Sorbo and Seth Joyner?


We have no idea who that normal sized guy is with the  two pint sized local yokels and a Hall of Famer.



Seth Joyner and the no-named beer cart girl.


We’re positive this chick had never heard of the Nigerian Nightmare before this golf outing. Facebook time!


And finally, of course AJ Feeley was there and the ladies were impressed to know he’s Donovan McNabb’s backup.

[Shooter McGavin Still Gets Women Thanks To Happy Gilmore Fame]

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