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The Evening Dump: Slutty Moms on Craigslist, Texas Tech QB’s Chinstrap, Mark Cuban Loves Twitter, 10 Homeruns In One Game, Birthday Time, and How We All Miss April


Aida likes to use her body parts as clothes.

Not planning on making the dump this late. Just had a lot I had to do today, one of which would be setting up my internet. Only took an hour and a half. Sad.

If you didn’t check out this post, then shame on you. (hint: that means go to it)

Mariners broke a 6 game losing streak.

If you want some free traffic then email it to me.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

The new age of slutty moms: Craigslist [Tasty Booze]

Next Texas Tech QB has an awesome chin strap [The Sporting Blog]

The true why the Denver Nuggets are juggernauts [Sports Crackle Pop]

Is Mark Cuban a victim of Twitter abuse? [Steady Burn]

Cowboys TE and a rapper go on vacation [Laddy McFaddy]

Jeez 10 homeruns is a lot for one game [Vent About Sports]

Oh yeah, carbon fiber [on 205th]

No safe way is the best way? No. [Holy Taco]

Everyone loves birthdays [MoonDog]

There is nothing wrong with real girls [uncoached]

And then there was Danneel Harris [Coed]

Oh how I miss April now [Next Round]

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