Daily Dump: Phil Jackson Goes F-Bomb On Reporters, Kentucky Cheerleaders Seem Like Fun, Effort To Get Lastings Milledge On All-Star Team, Danica Patrick Shape Photos And New Jennifer Ellison Pics



Into Danica Patrick working a medicine ball? The photos are here!

Wow! The NBA Playoffs are heating up.

But should we really be excited about a playoffs where Big Baby Davis is stealing headlines from Kobe?


Should we really be excited about the possibility of a Cavs-Boston series?

Only if you live in one of those cities. Otherwise, you should go about your business and tune back in to ABC in the middle of June to see who wins this mess.



Today’s Dump:

Oh, dear God, Phil Jackson just used the ‘f’ word! [Total Pro Sports]

The Kentucky cheerleaders will cheer for Calipari, have good time off court [Uncoached]

Bloggers begging you to make Lastings Milledge an all star [Bootlegger]

Raiders controversial first-round pick is…..injured [Rumors and Rants]

Shaq still dicking around with this MMA stuff [NESW Sports]

Rockets’ Aaron Brooks goes with Colonel Sanders outfit for presser [The Big Picture]

10 Funniest Moments In Jimmy Kimmel Live History [Manofest]

Would Chris Brown really leak nude Rihanna photos? Probably. [Cuzoogle]

New photos of Jennifer Ellison to lust after [on205th]

Jeska has a couple massive tats if you are into that fetish [Coed]

Did you realize Jessica Simpson is bread winner in relationship? [CelebSlam]

If any of these chicks slept with you this weekend – virtual hig-five [Funtasticus]

Natalie Portman nip slip supposedly happened – we’re not seeing it [Flisted]

Holly Madison takes fake tits for a vacation in Vegas [The Daily Fix]

Sweet Jesus! High school surveillance used to watch girls make out [Blog of Hilarity]

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