8 Great Moments In Cheerleader Tryout Fails



As captured a few weeks back at the Chargers tryouts. Pregnant? NOOOOO!!!

It sounded like a good idea at first.

Such and such team was holding a cheerleader tryout and you used to cheer for the boys back at Central High.

But its been 8 years since graduating from high school. The body has changed – a little – but you still think the talent is there to work it for a professional team. You withdraw $50 from the savings, head down to the arena and take the workout clothes.

You walk onto the floor where there are 80-100 smiling, blond 19-20-year-olds with sculpted bodies and breasts that would make a plastic surgeon smile.

Soon realization hits, you are part of the “8 Greatest Moments In Cheerleader Tryout Fails.”

The above photo is a great example. Your baby probably doesn’t want tossed around like a Caesar. Going to work is one thing but bouncing around a basketball court? Fail!


Listen, ladies, if you are sporting a 12-pack beer gut save the $50 bones and join the gym until next year.

You’ll waste a Saturday shaking it for nothing.

Walk into the gym and look at the stomach. That’s a huge indicator where you stand. If it ain’t flat and showing a little ribcage, find another activity.

And the breasts cannot be saggy. See the Charger Girls for a good idea what we’re talking about.

What about the legs, you ask? If there isn’t daylight between them when standing upright, we’re talking major fail.

Age? If you’ve used the term 401k more than Twitter or Facebook in the last month, professional cheerleading won’t be for you.








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