When Did Brenda Warner Stop Looking Like Ivan Drago And Start Getting Hot?

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We can’t put a finger on the exact plastic surgery that went on with Brenda Warner, but something is obviously different about this woman.

She is no longer looking like Ivan Drago and we’re now big fans.

Somewhere along the Kurt Warner path from St. Louis to Arizona she lost that spiked hair and now has a legitimate shot at becoming a NFL WAG in a “Moms I Like,” kind of way.

Seriously, after taking a better look at these American Red Cross photos from last summer, Brenda should no longer be off limits to network cameras.

Even the NY Times seems to be onto this rejuvenation of Mrs. Warner.

Brenda, excusing herself with every step, waded through the crowd, leaving behind the family members who had taken up a whole row of seats in Section 105. With her oldest daughter, Jesse, trailing behind her, Brenda made it to the front steps of the stands, close enough for Warner to wrap her in an embrace that lasted until she let go.

It’s been about 10 years since this couple first embraced and men around the country cringed.

That isn’t the case in 2009.

More Brenda, please.

[Warner’s Family Accepts Bounty And Burden Of Football]

Brenda, as America’s White Boy points out, is looking very Darva Conger-ish.

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