Hottest ESPN Employed Mom – Genevieve Chappell!

Happy Mother’s Day: We’re rerunning some of our favorite mother’s posts from the BC archives. Back to normal tomorrow morning.

There have been multiple versions of Hottest Sideline Reporters, Hottest ESPN Reporters, Would You Tournaments, etc.

But we’ve yet to see a single “Hottest ESPN Employed Mom” competition.

Until now.

And we are going straight to the top. Grade A. If you are employed by ESPN and would like to enter send us some portfolio shots.

Otherwise this contest is officially over.

Meet Genevieve Chappell, the host of ESPN’s Garage Block, a show about muscle cars.

Ms. Chappell (bio here) is married to a hockey playing husband, has managed to give birth and have this amazing body snap back into shape.

We salute her for being a working mother who doesn’t only depend on her husband for shopping money.

This woman actually goes out into the field to shake hands with greasy car geeks and dirt bike riders.

It’s official…Erin Andrews might have to take a back seat to Ms. Chappell.