Beth Fithen, Mother Of Four, Gets Naked For Playboy

Happy Mother’s Day: We’re rerunning some of our favorite mother’s posts from the BC archives. Back to normal tomorrow morning.

Mrs. Fithen, right with insane soccer-mom rack

Busted Coverage likes inspirational stories of people realizing career goals. That is why we are bringing Ohio MILF Beth Fithen to the masses. The Newark, OH mother of 4 says that she’s accomplished her lifetime goal of appearing in Playboy.

True, it’s the Hot Moms’ Special Edition, and we could really care less. Any mother that looks like Mrs. Fithen is always welcome at Busted Coverage.

She gives other aspiring mothers great advice via the Newark Advocate:

“Your life doesn’t end at 30 or motherhood or anything like that,” Fithen said. “For me (Playboy) is the top platform. It’s just that final stepping stone for me.”

Yes! We totally agree. This should be a call to arms for all moms of the world. One day switching between Oprah and Ellen, to showing off your rack the next. It’s a natural progression.

Back to Mrs. Fithen. She’s a personal trainer, drives a minivan and dreams of having her own web site. We can’t wait.

Beth and friends before getting rowdy at Playboy Mansion

Oh Mrs. Fithen… those are very nice f-me boots you are wearing

Playboy Miss May A.J. Alexander A Hot Soccer Mom
Playboy Miss May A.J. Alexander A Hot Soccer Mom
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