Breaking: Jenn Sterger To Be Face And Boobs Of Major Beverage Distributor


No, we don’t usually check Jenn Sterger’s blog posts on Saturday mornings, but after yesterday’s news that she was leaving the Jets for acting and bartending, it was time to see what was up with our favorite Cowgirl.

And to our surprise she posted a MySpace blog entry this morning at 7:00 EST. Bam…instant post here at BC.

Jenn will take her face and boobs to model and promote a “major beverage.”

My second round against my fears came early Thursday morning. I recently signed on with a major beverage distributor as a national spokesmodel. These roles are typically saved for big time baller athletes with sick dance moves and bad ass personas, but these guys chose to go a different route.


So this distributor is trading in the athletes for a woman with implants and a nice tan? Seems logical to us. The chick with boobs and Orange Glow costs way less than Dwight Howard.

Jenn has the economy to thank for all this.

They reserved the bad ass athletes for use in their particular regional markets, and instead wanted a strong bad ass sports-loving girl as their main face, the one they’d use in their commercials and all their nationwide print ads.  And they chose.. Yours truly. I was beyond ecstatic and flattered and jumped at the chance to work with such a reputable and huge name like theirs.

Ahh, “jumped at the chance.” Yep, they saved a ton of money to sign her. We’ll guess Vitamin Water.

This means you’ll be seeing more Sterger than ever before.

Just when you think her career is over, this trooper keeps herself in the limelight. Besides Hollywood implant-istas, Jenn has to go down as one of the smartest implanted marketers in the entertainment field.

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