Arizona State Undie Run 2009 : The Photo Gallery


We mentioned yesterday that the Arizona State Undie Run 2009 was held this week and now there are photos thanks to the fine work of BC Special Assignment Editor Art McGregor.

Our buddy Don Chavez was complaining about all the dude photos from the event.

Art had specific guidelines: no fratty morons. Chicks only.

That is nearly impossible to do as every single pimple-popping uber-gamer, beer pong player and fantasy baseball geek leaves the house to see chicks in their underwear.

Art managed to swim through the filthy testosterone fluid to discover these awesome shots.


2816_1090088365327_1020000044_30236465_2104690_n 2816_1090088405328_1020000044_30236466_1965906_n 2816_1090088725336_1020000044_30236469_5776034_n

2816_1090089045344_1020000044_30236474_5453757_n 2816_1090089085345_1020000044_30236475_4720840_n run_3

run_4 run_5 run_6

run_7 2835_80068790605_527815605_1688614_6881982_n 2835_80068825605_527815605_1688621_5467369_n

2835_80068870605_527815605_1688630_6104600_n 2835_80068950605_527815605_1688642_1080469_n 2835_80068960605_527815605_1688643_6791434_n

2835_80069010605_527815605_1688652_5455047_n 2835_80069015605_527815605_1688653_3904469_n 2835_80069020605_527815605_1688654_5916962_n

3318_1084804286809_1427430157_30381802_375106_n 4338_78421479641_512139641_1593648_1441517_n n670253064_2498681_4561182

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