The Afternoon Dump: Manny on Steroids, Matt Garza Hooks Up With Palin Daughter, Stephen Curry Wont Go Pro, Colts On Top, Bloodiest Video Game Moments, Hank Messes It Up, and A New Type of Beer


I know your eyes are on the hay and not Sugey.

Manny you are stupid, seriously going to take those roids? Then saying a doctor prescribed them? Come on, what in the hell would a doctor prescribe you steroids for?

Have to love baseball fans, especially the ones who understand your “needs” and are willing to help you out. Corey L. (from Buffalo, NY) is doing that for me, thanks man.

Same survey is still up, almost done with it. Thanks for helping me out. Link to it is here.

Tomorrow’s dump may be a little bit shorter due to a stress on time. Tomorrow is the worst, 8Am and 330PM exam. These two are my hardest exam and they are on the same day.

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Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

One of the dumbest players to walk the Earth since Bonds [Total Pro Sports]

When did this Celtics guard become good? [Rumors and Rants]

Matt Garza is a player, look who he is picking up [Bugs & Cranks]

Possibly the reason why Stephen Curry wont go pro [Sports Crackle Pop]

A legit playoff fight [Dirty Tackle]

Ole Miss students like to “rave it up” [Friends of the Program]

Everyone loves the Colts [Vent About Sports]

His hands make everything look small [The Sporting Blog]

It’s finally here, ten of the most bloodiest video game moments [Gunaxin]

Sick and twisted Mothers Day cards [Screen Junkies]

And now we know Hank messes everything up for the good guys [Laddy McFaddy]

Priest bangs hot chick and gets booted out the door, little boys are okay though [Coed]

Lets all go buy “Beer Taste,” I am not kidding [Tasty Booze]

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