Playboy Miss May Crystal McCahill Taking Upcoming DUI Case Seriously, Hits Bar For Cinco De Mayo



Virgin margarita on Cinco de Mayo for Ms. McCahill (right)?

We must hand it to Playboy Miss May Crystal McCahill.

She’s not scared of the judicial system over some stupid DUI case. Just because she has a court case hanging over her head doesn’t mean she can’t hit the bars for Cinco de Mayo.

And get silly enough to wear the sombrero and present us with photos that show she’s pure fun.


The DUI happened back in March and will drag on into the summer.

McCahill was stopped by police after running a red light Jan. 7 at Chicago Avenue and Wood Street in Chicago, according to a published report. McCahill, 25, showed blood-alcohol levels more than twice the legal limit, a police report said.

Playmates, not known to be the brightest bulbs, don’t seem to have an idea how the judicial system works.

McCahill wants evidence thrown out of her case and then goes and posts images from her Cinco partying. Smart move, Einstein.

But this seems to be a pattern from a chick who’s real first name is Princess. She gave the Chicago media plenty of fodder on April 24 at her hearing on the DUI case.

Before the hearing, McCahill politely refused to talk about her case — but asked reporters if they were coming to her Playboy autograph-signing event at Club Crescendo nightclub later today.

Damn, smart move. Use the court system to promote your upcoming vagina spread.


[Crystal’s Naked Photos : AttuGirls]




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