Kentucky Derby Mud Wrestling English Teacher Update: New Photo, Favorite Author And Book



Does this woman teach English to you’re child?

The Kentucky Derby Mud Wrestling High School English Teacher® continues to entertain and intrigue us at the same time.

We keep wondering what makes women with such responsibilities to be so crazy and yet so educated.

Katie (last name withheld for her job security) became famous this week after she contacted us about appearing in a Kentucky Derby YouTube video where she’s mud wrestling another combatant.

As any great blog would do, we started asking questions.Today’s offering after the jump.


Us: Favorite book? Author?

Katie: I would say that my favorite book of the moment is Carrie Fisher’s Wishful Drinking, in which she said, “You know how they say religion is the opiate of the masses? Well, I took masses of opium religiously.” She’s a special person, and I really look up to her. My favorite author right now is Sherman Alexie. Incredible.

Us: Bigger problem in society: misuse of pronouns or people in Pennsylvania saying “You’s?”

Katie: One of my favorite things about being and English teacher is showing people how smart I am. I would say that the biggest linguistic problem in our society is that people don’t understand parts of speech. For example: “your” is a determiner and “you’re” is both a pronoun and verb combined. So, why must we always get them confused? Hopefully, none of the readers of this blog say “mines” instead of “mine” like my students do.

Do you think people realize that, even though I was getting my ass kicked in this video, I still did really well overall during the day? Some even called me a champion.


Oh, we can only imagine those drunk hillbillies were calling Katie a champion.

And wife material.

This is Kentucky, afterall, where a woman who doesn’t mind to eat a live fish, mud wrestle and can read and write is in demand.

[Derby Mud Wrestler Sprains Foot, Talks To Busted Coverage]

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