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From The Couch: Kelly Ripa Likes Her Some Florida Manatees Chocolate Thunder



*It’s back!

The editors don’t have time to dick around with YouTube video mashups that most will never watch. So, we’ve come up with the idea to DVR or actually watch sporting events and bring you screen shots of last night’s action via a camera, from our couches.

Hopefully we’ll have some obscure stuff that wasn’t via national TV channels.

Busted Coverage could use your help on this one. Have a shot from your television that deserves to be seen by the masses?

Take a photo and send it to us. We’ll make you famous.



It’s good to see fat guys getting the chance to shine on Regis and Kelly.

Yesterday morning it was the Florida Manatees fat guy group dancing in front of a bigger crowd than a normal Marlins game.

Kudos to the men for keeping their composure before such a large group of graying, hearing-aid wearing women who were there to dream of doing dirty things to Reg.

[Kelly Ripa Hits Miami Beaches: Gossip Girls]


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