The Afternoon Dump: Chicks in Star Trek Costumes, McLovin Likes The Celtics, Paterno’s Views on Weed, Tennessee Likes People Who Rape, Top 10 Living in Color Sketches, Strange Beer Names, and Former Miss Australia


Here is Misty to help you through the afternoon.

If you guys could help me out with the same survey from yesterday, that be awesome. Here it is.

A lot of people are just now getting done with exam, I had my first one today. I still have 4 more in the next 3 days. Saturday finals blow, especially at 8AM. Dump is late today because of exams.

Move into the apartment on Saturday, pretty pumped about it.

I will be extremely pissed if the SuperBowl goes to London. It’s an American sport so keep it in America. If they want a SuperBowl then they need to make their football league as good as ares, won’t ever happen. England you can keep the soccer, leave us to the football.


Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Hot chicks in Star Trek outfits [Next Round]

Flashing football players released from Saints [Friend of the Program]

McLovin is a Celtics fan [Sports Crackle Pop]

Joe Paterno likes weed? Didn’t know that [Sportress]

And then the Mariners made the list [Vent About Sports]

It only makes sense that Fabian Assmann has a wife who has a nice one [Dirty Tackle]

Tennessee signed a player who raped someone [The Sporting Blog]

Hockey players are big babies [Total Pro Sports]

All they want is the roster [GSF]

These are funny, top 10 Living in Color sketches [iceicebabies]

Some strange beer names [Gunaxin]

Humans and snow monkeys are alike [uncoached]

Which strawberry blonde is hotter? [Double Viking]

Former Miss Australia knows bikinis [on 205th]

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