Daily Dump: Brett Favre Takes Dump ESPN Covers It, Jeter Really F-ed Up Dumping Minka Kelly, 77 Sexy Sideline Senioritas, Official LeBron James Shot Ingredients?, 50 Star Trek Nerds, Score A Bridesmaid And Lisa Edelstein In A Tub



Abby shows it’s possible to wear white bikinis before Memorial Day.

Brett Favre is returning! He’s back! Vikings-Packers!

Mortensen is going to be busy for at least the rest of the summer. ESPN said he wouldn’t do it. Favre said he wouldn’t do it.

Will he? “Let’s bring in Ed Werder for the latest out of Dallas on the situation in Mississippi”

“Our team coverage continues with Shelley Smith in Los Angeles with the latest on when Brett Favre took a shit this morning.”

Dear, God….make it stop.



Today’s Dump:

Reason #1 why BC is better than Derek Jeter: Minka Kelly would never get dumped [CelebSlam]

77 Sexy Sideline Senioritas Totally Worth Getting Swine Flu From These Mexicans [Coed]

Or to Panama for the women’s cricket team – Quarters, anyone?!? [Blog of Hilarity]

Denise Richards vows to never be heard again at Wrigley Field [MoonDog]

Just wondering: how to make the official Lebron James alcohol shot? [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

Our gay readers (OpenSports, you listening) will love this futboler having pants ripped off [Off ThePost]

Bullshit in Indiana: where girls can now tryout for baseball [Rumors and Rants]

Yanks fans pissed at team, each other [TotalProSports]

27 Observations About The KFC Line I’m Stuck In [Cracked]

Bjork stand-in debunks burrito myths for Cinco de Mayo [FunnyOrDie]

In case you missed Adam Lambert going Robert Plant [BittenandBound]

50 Star Trek Nerds That Are Fantastic [Manofest]

Today’s Tail:

How To Score With A Bridesmaid At A Wedding [HolyTaco]

The WWE has an awesome crop of Divas prowling right now [The World of Isaac]

We keep having these fantasies about Nancy in our bed, watching SportsCenter…[on205th]

Yes! We’d jump into a tub with Lisa Edelstein – stupid question [UseMyComputer]

You know what yesterday was – Tooshie Tuesday! [Funtasticus]

There she is……with huge cans……..Miss Bikini 2008 [Uncoached]

Karla Spice has a great stripper name if the Food Network had such a show [Flisted]

You guys are going to shit when you get a look a this one, or maybe not [CamelTap]

Holy F@ck! Reason #234 not to get BJ from secretary – she’ll bite [Don Chavez]

The ladies were out at the New Orleans Jazz Fest [MacGsWorld]

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