The Afternoon Dump: Government Wants To Officiate, Jay Cutler Is Swine Flu Free, Tom Brady and Smart Water, Lebron Wants To Be MJ, Fat Guy Sucks, Star Wars Day, Heidi Montag Wants You, and Rebecca

Brittany is for hire, go get her guys.

Went to FedEx today to send off my laptop. They declared the laptop to only be a $100. I think they are just trying to screw me out of money if they happen to lose it.

The best NBA series went to a close when Boston beat the 41-41 Bulls. I would hope Boston could win that series. Then again they don’t have KG so their whole team is down the gutter.

Mariners beat the A’s in 15 innings, really good game. Feel special if you got to watch it.

I can’t wait until next year when I have the MLB pass thing where I can watch any game I want.

Finals week, oh joy. Finals blow. You know what I am talking about.

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Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

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