That’s Not A Load In His Pants He’s Just Drunk Slip & Sliding At Kentucky Derby


If the people keep providing us with great images and videos from the Kentucky Derby, BC will keep posting them.

The photos just keep dropping.

And the stupidness gets turned up a notch each time.

This one begs the question, “How many swigs off a bottle of Beam must it take for dude to strip down to the tighty whities and get his Slip ‘n Slide on?”

We’ve been bombed many times in life and never, ever had the urge to get nearly naked and go muddin’ on a piece of Visqueen as hundreds of frat boys cheered us on.


Not to be a prude but this can’t be the most comfortable ride. It’s not like the infield is smooth like the 8th green at Bethpage.

The other thought going through our foggy minds this morning is that those drawers look a little big, no?

We must give a virtual high-five to this guy, though. He had the balls to say ‘f’ it, “I’m going for a ride.” That is the spirit that continues to draw the freaks, drunks, gambling addicts, frat boys, used car salesmen, swindlers and the HST hat wearing community to Louisville.

You might have a losing ticket, a horrible hangover and several chicks numbers on the Verizon you don’t remember getting but it was worth it.

Just think of all the stories being told this morning.

….you guys won’t believe what I did this weekend…

“Yeah, my whities looked like I took a huge shit in them.”

“The Derby was awesome!”




[Photos by BuckSpot]

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