Stripper & Miss Howard TV’s Becky Wunder Thinks Kelvin Escobar Is Sexy, Would Like To Meet Angels Stud

Let’s get straight to the point here.

How the hell does a NY-based stripper know who Kelvim Escobar is?

The guy isn’t exactly popping up on People’s 100 Sexiest Men Who Strippers Would Like To ‘Meet,’ list.

But our good friends at Manhattan’s Rick’s Cabaret send word this morning of stripper and Miss Howard TV May 2009 Becky Wunder wishing for a meeting with the stud right hander with 101 career wins and a bum shoulder.

“I love Rick’s Cabaret. I meet so many interesting people. TV stars, businessmen, interesting guys. Last night I met some more Yankees–they come here a lot,” Ms. Wunder said via Rick’s press release email.

A-Rod? He’s single and ready to mingle.

“Baseball players are the sexiest of all the athletes who come to Rick’s, and they are usually great tippers,” she explained.

Ahh, there we have it, “usually great tippers.” We know why usually was used in that statement. Selena Roberts will be on this one in no time. The next book: “A-Rod Stiffs Strippers: An Inside Expose.”

But back to Escobar, we’re still trying to figure out how a guy who most people forgot in 2007 ends up on the end of a stripper’s tongue.

“I’ve met so many. I want to meet Kelvim Escobar of the Angels,” she added, “he’s super sexy.”

Guys, we’re going out on a limb here to say that Escobar has been in Rick’s before, maybe when he played for the Blue Jays.

These strippers talk amongst themselves. We all know that. Word on the street must be that Escobar will throw some Benjy’s at the broads.

Oh, come to think about it, if you have an experience with Escobar, share it with the world.

He is cool and why he is so cool he has tons of girls but they all no that they arent the one. he has his fun with them buy the luis vuitton purses and jewelry and then send them back home. Got to give it to a guy thats honest at least.

There we have it. A stripper can smell a moron from at least 4-5 half-moon booths away.

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