…And Then Busted Coverage Made It's World Television Debut On ESPN


The sweet words rolled off Sage Steele’s lips like a mountain stream trickling over a cliff.

There will be worlds colliding. The water will make contact. With ears.

And there it was, Busted Coverage, this blog, was uttered by a channel that is probably one of man’s greatest inventions other than the bidet and Internet.

BC made it’s international debut this morning, (still checking on Deportes), during ESPN’s Blog Buzz for the softball fan fight video posted over the weekend. This moment, for a blog that was built to combine T&A with sports, is shall we say mind blowing. If only our high school guidance counselor who told us we’d be nothing saw us now.


Did the editors even look at the site they were about to promote?

Did they see the story about a guy in his tighty whities at the Derby?

What about the Dong Bong. Did Josh Elliott lose it when he saw Cassie Keller?

Here we are minding our own business and out of nowhere the World Wide Leader mentions us.

This small operation with a penchant for college cheerleaders and drunk fan fight videos.

It boggles our mind to think of all the famous people who were just introduced to the site: Cowherd, Berman, Joe Morgan, Erin Andrews, Timberlake, etc.

Shit, maybe even Obama was watching between bites of his Presidential breakfast.

[SportsCenter: Right Now]

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