When Western Carolina And Furman Softball Fans Get Together There Will Be Punches Thrown


wcu_fu_fan_fightLast time we saw fans fight at a college softball game?


But that streak has been broken thanks to the fine white folks at Western Carolina and Furman.

There will be blood!!!!

Video after the jump.

Thankfully the closed circuit camera was rolling at Furman University last weekend in the middle of the sixth inning as WCU was on its way to yet another shutout loss and sweep at the hands of the Catamounts.

This one gets going pretty quickly. At the 20-second mark look for a butch cut taking a swing at Furman fan.

Get it on, ladies!

From the vlogger:

At least she didn’t sit on anyone… Crazy Cindy Beatty was a little heated. Her daughter broke some bones, now we know who she learns from. Like mother like daughter.

We did a little research and believe the vlogger is talking about WCU 3B’s Stephanie Beatty’s mom.

If that is true this woman knows how to start shit and should be congratulated for staring in our very first college softball white fan fight. It’s a true classic and we’re much appreciative.

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