Daily Dump: Kentucky Derby Darlings, Dirty Derby Horse Names, Athletes Who Look Like Horses, A Boston Tat That Won’t Get You Laid, Hermaphrodite Set To Play Tennis, Cheryl Cole Flashes Tat And Awesome Runway Model Wipeouts

KY Derby Darlings, Dirty Derby Horse Names, Athletes Look Like Horses

She spells Jesica with only one ‘S.’

What a huge weekend in sports – again.

We’ll be grabbing our Kentucky Derby ticket and keeping an eye on the huge Vegas boxing match.

That should be a full Saturday.

When is the last time Vegas had a fight that was so highly anticipated?

In NBA news, it’s officially May and we still won’t have a champion at the end of this month.



Today’s Dump:

Shall we get started with the Kentucky Derby Darlings? [Coed]

Dirtiest Horse Names In Kentucky Derby History [FanIQ/100%InjuryRate]

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The fight of a generation is ready to go: Hatton-Pacquiao is Sat. [Rumors&Rants]

All-time great Yankee mustache-ride givers [NY Yankees Rumors]

A Boston-sports based tat that WILL NOT get you laid [Barstool Sports]

Hermaphrodite tennis player set to play as a woman [TotalProSports]

2009 NFL win total over/unders are out!!!! [Angry T]

Only in Saudi Arabia: 8 year old divorces 47 year old [Blog of Hilarity]

When a llama bullies a reporter [YepYep]

Today’s Tail:

When Hot Women Get Arrested We Get Mugshots [Asylum]

Suddenly Vanessa Minnillo is everywhere [CelebSlam]

She’s pretty hot: Meet Juliana Martins [UseMyComputer]

Melissa might have nice legs but those damn knees are horrible [HGOM]

Soccer WAG tat flash courtesy of Cheryl Cole [Dirty Tackle]

10 All-Time Funniest Runway Model Wipeouts [Manofest]

Need a Taiwanese fix this morning? Ruru should work [Uncoached]

Filipino? We’ve got that, too [Holy Taco]

How about a Brazilian? We have all the nationality links [Flisted]

Carmen Electra celebrated a birthday (her boobs were present) [on205th]

Yesterday was Tata Thursday in case you forgot [Funtasticus]

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