Chris Berman Attracts Women With His Neck & Back Sweat, Soaked Head Of Booze Scented Hair

Update: There are a couple of stories floating around about Chris Berman’s propensity to sweat on a humid golf course. How about Berman getting sweaty while chatting up the ladies.

Worse for a man: swamp ass or soaked comb-over and drenched spine?


Who up for the “2 Minute Drill?”

Just dropped onto the Internets are these shots from the 2007 Jim Kelly Celebrity Gala, some golf outing where famous people raise money for charity.

It’s a good cause where the celebs hit the course early where booze is readily available. At the turn they suck down a couple meat missiles and finish the round with shots, mixed drinks and karaoke which goes into the wee hours.

Enter Chris Berman, your sweaty hero who grabs the mic, puts on his goofy glasses and impresses the women with his soaked neckline, back and ass crack.

Oh, and Mr. Belding was there, too.

Doing a little air drumming?

This photo dump would have been a little better if Berman was dancing with some chick backing that ass up on the legendary ESPNer.

Ooops, there she is.

Blurry, yes. But enjoying some Berman leg action? Very much so.

Someone needs to wear white the next time.


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