The Afternoon Dump: Cheerleaders in MLB, Cubs Back In 1916, Artest Doesn’t Like Barkley, Jose Is Back, Mr. T Likes People, Mandy’s Favorite Apps, and Girls Putting Sexy Pictures On Myspace


Everyone likes a Gerda.

Weather sucks, what else is new. Next few days its going to be cloudy and rainy, sucks since I don’t have a umbrella.

I now have a niece, well a new one since she was born yesterday. Pretty sweet, be jealous.

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Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

A tribute to cheerleaders. . . in baseball [Next Round]

T-Mac is back and ready to prank [NESW]

For all you stupid Cubs fans, check out 1916 [Vent About Sports]

Ron Artest calls Barkley overrated [Outside The Boxscore]

Jeter can’t do anything wrong, duh [Sports Crackle Pop]

Is Jose Canseco a MMA star? [Total Pro Sports]

Age limit may protect the youngsters [The Sporting Blog]

Mr. T ate my jury [Gunaxin]

Kim Kardashian has a deformed dump [Laddy McFaddy]

Mandy Lynn likes her iPhone and their apps [Phil Knows Best]

And this is why Brandy is Miss COED today [Coed]

Try not to lust over Kerrie Lust [Gorilla Mask]

Nothing wrong with a girl putting these pics on myspace [HGOM]

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