Daily Dump: Post-Apocalyptic Wrigley Field, Dana White Talks About "Pussies In Hollywood," D-Wade Knocks Up Gabrielle Union?, Pro Cheerleaders Off The Court, Obama’s First 100 Babes And Heidi Montag To Playboy



Work on your Russian while you eyeball Viktoria.

Not much sports on our radar last night and it must have been quiet since Mike and Mike were talking about bikini waxes when the TV was turned on.

Just what gets us revved up in the morning. Coffee and Golic’s ballsack.

Some of you guys need to send the intern your links if it’s after the Daily Dump drops.

We will do some peel-away postings for awesome work. Don’t bullshit BC. If it’s marginal, send it to Kevin. He likes receiving mail from readers. Makes him feel important.



Today’s Dump:

Awesome! History Channel imagines post-apocalyptic Wrigley Field [Big League Stew]

Dana White gets award, goes off on “Pussies in Hollywood” [CagePotato]

Did D-Wade knock up Gabrielle Union? It would be his third – kid [The Big Picture]

The ballboy likes what he sees in her tennis top [The World of Isaac]

The Denver Nuggets cheerleader who speaks fluent Canadian [TotalProSports]

A Celtics dancer – off the court – is a good time [Uncoached]

More of the Dolphins cheerleaders, you say? Here they are [Don Chavez]

Watch as this soccer coach gives own player a killer slapping [Dirty Tackle]

5 Sports Inspired Drinking Games [The Love of Beer]

Just Wrong: 5 Videos of Old People Falling Down [Tabloid Prodigy]

Now that is a badass last name [NextRound]

20 Illustrated SFW Sexual Euphemisms [Banned In Hollywood]

The newest craze – strip beer pong [The Bachelor Guy]

Today’s Tail:

Ms. Horgan-Wallace continues to bring it shoot after shoot [on205th]

Obama’s First 100 Babes [Coed]

55 Photo Tribute To The Ladies Of Busted Tees [Manofest]

What happens when an intern joins Adult Friend Finder Part 2! [Holy Taco]

Swine flu mask fetishes [Flisted]

Sarah Dunn looks hot enough to be wife material, possible MILF [UseMyComputer]

Hmm, Heidi Montag will pose for Playboy but won’t show the goods [MoonDog]

Mel Gibson continues to parade around that new, hot girlfriend [CelebSlam]

What happens when sexy Mormon moms lick muffins? [Asylum]

A woman who doesn’t mind playing in low-budget slasher flicks [Gunaxin]

I started Busted in 2007, sold it in 2011 and Coed kept me around to run this operation. Based in Ohio. Contact me: @bustedcoverage
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