So Long Song Girls, University Of Oregon Cheerleaders Steal Our Hearts

Art assures us that those are UO cheerleaders who dethroned the Song Girls.

Sorry for the “Rag on USC Posts” this week. It’s just one of those things that falls into place.

First it was the Song Girls looking a little “weak” and then we dabbled in the life of Mark Sanchez. That pissed off legions of people who are still debating whether he should be romancing USC bong specialist Jennifer Mueller. (With a mouth like that….ok, we’ll stop.)

Now we are about to throw out a bombshell: the Song Girls are officially out of our lives (we’ll still post photos). The official cheerleading unit of BC will now be the University of Oregon squad.

They are hotter, have better abs, hair, skin and have to maintain all of it in crappy Pacific Northwest conditions.

It was hard to say goodbye to a squad who’s given us great joy and alone moments. But this had to be done.

BC Special Assignment Editor Art McGregor’s latest job was to sum up our editorial feelings.

There’s a dirty little medium-sized secret lurking on college football sidelines.

Lurking perhaps is a little harsh.

Cheerleaders today are not answering the call to bring it on. They’re no longer the tiny, thin attractive girls of movies from the 1980s and anything starring Jessica Alba.

Now UO needs its own Swim With Mike charity clone.

Now it’s nowhere near as bad as the 31-year-old “teens” we some of you see dressed up as cheerleaders (and then undressed) on the various Internet porno-ing sites, but most cheerleaders no longer even reside amongst the hottest 20 percent of females at their respective institutes of higher learning.

Except at Oregon. We at BC have put together a photo montage to demonstrate what college football cheerleaders should look like at all schools. Or at least the schools with girls.

These girls in green and yellow from the 541 come straight out of Central Casting. These are what cheerleaders are supposed to look like when we come back from commercial breaks or after a first down.

Sadly, cheerleading is becoming more and more athletic. It’s a sport at the youth levels just like soccer, softball or volleyball. Girls start young. The “good” cheerleaders already are figured out before we can figure out which girls can be considered hot.

It’s not how it’s supposed to be. No one should cheer before the 11th grade and then a group of 11 seniors should select the varsity squad for the coming fall, winter and spring although I’ve never seen cheerleaders at a spring sporting event in high school.

I only offer suggestions.

Thanks, Oregon. Thanks, Oregon for giving us hope.

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