New (Old) Photos: Greensboro Grasshopper Bat Dogs Have History Of Taking Craps On Baseball Diamond



Yes, we’re going back-to-back stories about the Greensboro Grasshoppers bat dogs taking craps on the playing field.

The reason: it’s funny and we have visuals to provide.

Just after providing you guys with the video, BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich discovered photos from last year where bat dog “Babe” dropped a deuce right there in the infield while a trainee stopped to observe.

What the hell are these dogs eating? Fifth Third Burgers an hour before retrieving?


We’ve heard of sharp grounders having a little something on them, but this is taking it to a whole new level.

Right there are two dumps on the same infield during the same game. “Babe” might need to go for a nice walk in a park before heading to the job.

We looked to see if “Babe” was ejected for last season’s crappings but found nothing.

[Video: Just Released Footage Of Minor League Bat Dog Taking Dump That Got Him Ejected From Game]

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