The Afternoon Dump: Teebows In Style, Some Sports History, Crabtree Got Screwed, Four First Names Isn’t Enough, Hardcore Yao Ming Fans, International Pillow Fight, and Boxing Ragina


Tianna wants you to join her.

Weather today sucked, cloudy and of on rain.

Learned that I will be graduating on time although I switched majors twice, best news all day.

Mariners play a double header today against the White Sox. Sucks for the players but good for the fans to watch two baseball games back to back.

Send me your links.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Women can now wear some “Teebows” [Total Pro Sports]

Beckham is all over the map [Sports Crackle Pop]

On this day in sports [Vent About Sports]

Crabtree pretty much got screwed [Laddy McFaddy]

At least Posey had 14 points [That NBA Lottery Pick]

You can never have too many first names [NESW]

He trips and still makes it, have to love the Lakers . . . or not [Bettor Fan]

Some dedicated Yao Ming fans [The Sporting Blog]

Hope you didn’t miss the international pillow fight day [uncoached]

Dushku still wants to be around [on 205th]

Ragina likes to box [Coed]

The less clothes she wears then the better it gets [Gorilla Mask]

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