The Afternoon Dump: Stolen Base, Women Get Disgusted Easily, Sports History, Kobe Doesn’t Like Spike, First Episode of American Gladiator, Bunting Gone Wrong, and Darlene Likes Guitars


A good way to start off Monday. Jennifer.

Weird thing happened to the Colts. . . They drafter Purdue QB Curtis Painter in the sixth round. Wow that is just weird.

I am switching majors and I am pretty excited about what I chose.

Look at this email I got: “Hi,We wish to inform you of the yearly award program that your Email Address has won an Award sum of Two Million Dollar.” Now that is just hilarious.

Feel free to send me your links, its free and easy.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

I am still in shock from this steal in last nights Red Sox game [Steady Burn]

Women disgusted after broken finger [Total Pro Sports]

Some of the NBA rules have changed [The Sporting Blog]

On this day in sports history [Vent About Sports]

The shortest career a boxer can have [PWNED]

Kobe turned down Spike Lee [MoonDog]

7 spectators hurt in crash [Bettor Fan]

Very first episode of American Gladiator [College OTR]

When bunting goes wrong [Double Viking]

15 disgusting bathroom pictures [uncoached]

Nothing wrong with Darlene and a guitar [Coed]

Wow that is just wrong [Celebslam]

Christie is pretty big [Gorilla Mask]

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