A Patrick Roy Spotting: Last Seen Making Little Girl Cry During 2009 Quebec Junior Playoffs



If you thought Patrick Roy would just ride off into the sunset after retiring from the NHL, think again.

He’s coaching in the LHJMQ CHL, which is one of hundreds of high level junior hockey divisions in Canada.

And opposing fans don’t like him.

It came to a boil this week as a fan unleashed a verbal assault on Roy’s bench and things got so heated that screaming daddy and Roy had a little girl in tears.

(Video after the jump.)

Now, bear with us. This incident was reported in French and our gay photo editor is out of the office.

Patrick Roy complained near the referees about the behavior exaggerated about the partisan about the Cataracts. Those then required its expulsion. “The referees said to us that they would not take again the match as long as the man did not leave the Bionest Center and that if it were needed, they were going to call the police force”, tells Réal Marineau, director of the operations at the Cataracts.

We never get to the bottom of the incident other than screaming guy was escorted out of the building.

Roy never spoke about the guy, but the trainer gave some French-to-English insight.

“The person behind me launched insult over insult. A moment given it is enough, then I required of official to intervene”, the trainer said.

BC knows one thing, we wouldn’t have been provoking Roy.

The guy will go John Tortorella on your ass. Who can forget what he did to Chris Osgood?

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