The Afternoon Dump: ESPN’s Buzz, OSU Player Hurts Little Girls, Hawk Delays Basketball Game, Jewish Player Mad At The NFL, and Stephen Curry Going Pro


Alexis has a good body.

Such a nice day outside.


Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

ESPN didn’t buzz your blog? Don’t sweat it [MoonDog]

Ohio State’s James Laurinaitis was raised by a pack of wolves [Laddy McFaddy]

This is why you should hate Derrick Rose too [Josh Q. Public]

A hawk decides to come into play [That NBA Lottery Pick]

On this day in sports history [Vent About Sports]

Jewish player upset with NFL [Sports Crackle Pop]

H.S. player drops out and goes to play in Europe [Total Pro Sports]

Should Stephen Curry go pro? [Game on]

Not such a good first impression [The Sporting Blog]

International babe of the day [Double Viking]

Nothing wrong with wanting to be down low [Next Round]

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