Mark Sanchez At Lakers Game With USC Track Star And Beer Bong Specialist Jennifer Mueller



[Photo Credit: Inside SoCal]
Normally this would be an innocent photo.

Mark “Dirty” Sanchez takes a young, impressionable USC coed to a Lakers playoff game.

Maybe a nice dinner, drinks, small talk, etc. You get the picture.

Then our ‘SC readers took notice of the name of Dirty’s date.

Jennifer Mueller. Thee Ms. Mueller who became famous on Busted Coverage as the hot USC track athlete who happens to know how to handle a beer bong.


Mueller became a BC favorite back in July of 2008 after we found some track photos and other shots that validated that she was football player worthy.

It looks like she hit the jackpot by landing a Top 10 pick in this weekend’s draft.

Good for her. A girl has to eat. Have fancy jewelry. And be able to shop.


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