Hottest Siblings Of 2009 NFL Draft Hopefuls: Colt David’s Sister Apparently Has Giant Implants!



Kelsey David showing off awesome LSU painted nail tips. Talent!

While other football blogs are busily creating stupid mock drafts and debating a 6th round value pick, BC has been busy with our own draft prepartion.

It’s a ton of pressure to continuously provide you chick addicts with something new and refreshing. Then Art McGregor goes hunting for the “Hottest Siblings Of 2009 NFL Draft Hopefuls,” and returns this award-winner.

Maybe it’s not the smartest thing opening this genre of blog posts with Kelsey David, LSU kicker Colt’s little sister.

It’ll be hard to top this sibling. She has what appears to be a pair of paid boobs (we said appears) and a 19-year-old body.

As Art says, “It appears talent runs in the family.”


Ms. David (center) showing off sign language skills.

If Colt David is picked in this weekend’s draft we’ll implode this site.

That is how confident BC is that his dream of having his name called are slim to none. Some draft experts have him as the 21st best kicker out there.

But there are dreams and we need reasons to post hot chicks.

Kelsey is welcomed with open arms by Busted Coverage. She is an early contender for our “2009-2010 Hottest College Sophomore,” crown which is currently held by Florida State soccer player Margo.

One more thing: contrary to what you might expect we’re not implant experts. Do you think Kelsey is sporting a pair of fakes?



kelsey_2 kelsey_4 kelsey_5


kelsey_8 kelsey_9 kelsey_10


kelsey_12 kelsey_13 kelsey_15



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