This Bikini Model Body Belongs To College Football Kicker's Sister

Update: Here she is, Colt David’s sister. Lance O’Brien is our winner. Now contact us.


Sorry for the lack of entertaining, riveting sports blog posts today.

As one blogger said about us this week, “You can masturbate and look at sports at the same time,” or something like that.

We rarely do this kind of stuff but since it’s a little slow around here today it’s game on.

The above body belongs to a college football kicker’s sister. The kicker plays for a top-25 program. She’s a freshman and has done some work wearing the Playboy logo.

If you can guess who she is (or her brother’s name), we’ll send you prize (Tempe12 calendar or a book, your choice).

Game On!

(We’ll reveal this bosom to the world tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. EST.)

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