Fired Cheerleading Coach Carlie Christine Named Playboy's June Cyber Girl Of The Month



Touche to the family who made a big deal about Carlie Christine getting naked for Playboy.

The shitstorm you created has done nothing but make Carlie a huge commodity and has now been named Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Month for June.

In her first video blog, (yeah, the world has come to this), Ms. Fired Cheerleader Coach tells the world the news that her cooch will once again be gracing your Internet device.


As many of you may have known, I was recently fired from my position as a high school cheerleading coach. I was fired from my position due to my pictures in Playboy and being featured as the Cyber Girl of the Week. I was definitely very upset when I was terminated from my position. I loved my job there, I loved working with these girls… I think it was very unfortunate that the district decided to terminate me from my position. I have received an overwhelming amount of support both people involved with Playboy as well as people who have never looked at Playboy before. Because of that support, I have decided to stay on board with Playboy. I am very happy that they have shown me so much respect and support. With that, I am very happy to announce that I will be featured as the Cyber Girl of the Month this June.

Yeah! Take that all you little teenage cheerleading haters.

Carlie will show you. She’ll get naked again, get even more famous and snag a MLB baseball player who’ll shower her with diamonds and dollar bills.

We told you this would end very good for this 20-year-old.

Mark our words: Playboy Playmate. January 2010.

[Playboy: Carlie Christine Video Blog]


Carlie explains herself, from a different more intriguing angle.

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