The Afternoon Dump: Four Logos In One Tat, Cycle Seems Too Easy, Giambi Likes A-Rod, Peters Doesn’t Know Stats, Madden In Trouble, Hot WAG, and Kayleigh Pearson Doesn’t Get Old

This is why she is Miss USA.

Hopefully everyone had a good weekend like I did.

Sports were pretty good. I went to Hooters Saturday and got served by some ugly bigger chick (pretty much the only one out of all 15 servers). They had some race on. So it was Hooters-Ugly-Race = Worst combination for any Hooters experience. This is why B-Dubs (Buffalo Wild Wings and & Weck) is much better.

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Afternoon Dump

This guy somehow combines all four Boston teams for one weird looking tattoo [FAN IQ]

Once you leave your neighborhood your sports skills drop [Gadjunk]

Hitting for the cycle seems to be getting easier. . . maybe. . . [Vent About Sports]

Giambi on A-Rod [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Jason Peters doesn’t know his own stats [Laddy McFaddy]

Sorry to say but David Beckham has some weird commercials [Sports Crackle Pop]

NFL Retirees are suing John Madden [Bettor Fan]

Everyone loves steroids in horses [The Sporting Blog]

Don’t forget about this WAG: Gina Pistol [Gunaxin]

No one ever gets sick of seeing Kayleigh Pearson [Coed]

Roxana Ungureanu is international babe of the day [Double Viking]

Can you just say Margot Waterhouse [GorillaMask]