Daily Dump: Yankee Fan Interference, Chuck Liddell Retires, Ohio State Coaching Duties Up For Bid, Charles Barkley Fails Eating Challenge, , A Teen Jew Model And Maria Sharapova Turns 22


Shall we get the week started like normal – with a great rack(s).

We were watching it live.

Those idiotic Yankee fans definitely reached over the fence to interfere with the Indians outfielder during yesterday’s finale at the ATM.

Outfielder might have been able to go over the fence for the ball if Yanks guy doesn’t shove his glove into Indians guy’s glove.

Umps go to replay and say….it would have been gone.

Now the Yanks fan is being hailed in the NY tabloids, even showing off a bruise from the ball hitting his forearm.

Take it away Skip Bayless and First Take.



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