The Afternoon Dump: Top 10 Mascots, Boldin Wants To Leave, Giselle Gambles, NBA First Rounders, Jake Plummer Is H.S. Coach, Al Michaels Tribute, and Jamie Likes Her Body


You can never get sick of seeing Taya.

It is actually starting to act like spring now. 70’s and no clouds is a great combination.

Mariners lost. Lets see how they play against Detroit.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Monday-Send in some links.

Afternoon Dump

Top 10 mascots, some surprises here [Gunaxin]

Boldin wants to leave the Cards [Laddy McFaddy]

1869 changed every one’s viewpoint about baseball [Vent About Sports]

Wow, Giselle Bundchen bets on sports and wins! [Sports Crackle Pop]

ESPN now has a cartoon [NESW]

Some snapshots of the first round [The Sporting Blog]

Jake Plummer could be your son’s next coach [F Juice]

Al Michaels viewpoint on John Madden [NFL FanHouse]

Man sets his face on fire [Total Pro Sports]

I don’t know how to say her name but she deserves this honor [Double Viking]

Jamie has one nice ass and she knows it [F-Listed]

Whitney enjoys different hair colors, nothing wrong with that [Gorilla Mask]

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