The Afternoon Dump: John Madden Retires, Nets and Fans Don’t Get Along, Michigan Football Wants Basketball, Erin Andrews, 10 Pictures of People Sleeping, and Geeks Love Tetris


Does Cheryl deserve to be #2?

Mariners 7-2. There is a problem when you go to ESPN and the intial scores it shows are from the NHL. Come on now, its nearing the end of the NBA season and MLB is up and going. Well the NBA sucks so I guess it would have to be the MLB.

I wonder what the next NFL game is going to be called. . . NFL ’10 or Madden ’10?

Downloaded an app called “iheartradio” which lets you play radio stations from all across the country, pretty cool.

Nice day out, going to play tennis.

Afternoon Dump

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