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Lunchtime Lust: Kristin Kreuk Likes CAE Boys
Kristin Kreuk – See more hot women

From The Kristin Kreuk File:

Birth Class: ’82

From: Vancouver, BC

Famous Quote: “Just because I don’t do bad things doesn’t mean I don’t have dirty thoughts.”

Assets: Exotic Good Looks, seductive eyes

Vices: CAE boys

You’ve seen her in Smallville and several other sci-fi favorites.

But here is the thing about the career of Kreuk: she’s ready for a huge roll. At 26, now is the time for Kristin to snag a roll that propels her career.

We’re thinking something with Pitt or Clooney should do. Or maybe a bedroom scene with Jolie.

Get a better look at Kreuk on company time.

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