Daily Dump: Reese Witherspoon Plays Softball, Dana White Rips Bloggers, Iverson Casino Story Fabricated?, Sex Talk At Work Lowers Morale, 10 All-Time Hottest Bible Babes And Kelly Brook Hits Beach



One of the best hand bras we’ve seen all week courtesy of Laura Dore.

The NBA regular season is finally over as the spring flowers start to bloom in the Midwest.

Hordes of people actually showed up in Cleveland to see the scrubs battle Philadelphia. Lebron was on the bench and still the people came out to say they were there for a regular season/preseason meaningless game.

Congrats, Ohio people. Not only do you not have a job or a brain.

Onto baseball, where we’re thinking steroids were the best thing to ever happen to the game. Now there are too many 190-pound gap hitters.

Do something. Bring in the fences.


Make the blog posts original, fellas. Too many rewrites. We won’t even waste time linking to them.


Today’s Dump:

Missed this one: Finally a hot mom playing softball (Reese Witherspoon) [AngryT]

Dana White now attacking bloggers, says he’ll credential “real media” [CageWriter]

Was entire Iverson banned from casinos story fabricated? [World of Isaac]

Bwwaahhhaaa! Shaq gets revenge for prank pulled on him – Variety show next? [TotalProSports]

Shaq plays hockey goalie – Variety show next up in his career? [NESW Sports]

New trend in baseball douchiness – hat flip-down ear warmers [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

Yanks getting sued for being to patriotic [Deuce of Davenport]

Ballboy’s quick thinking helps team score goal [DJ Mick]

This sucks: Sex talk at work lowers office morale [Asylum]

Now you are starting to realize your dad was The Man [Bachelor Guy]

Actual shit that Michael Jackson owned [YepYep]

Today’s Tail:

10 All-Time Hottest Bible Babes (religious fanatics will love this one) [Manofest]

Seems logical to us – Pam Anderson to wed again [MoonDog]

Aline looking pretty good for some German magazine [CamelTap]

We’d obviously hop on and give these a ride [Funtasticus]

Lea is crowned as Miss March, still thinks she’s out of your league [Coed]

Seriously, you have to check out the implants on this chick [Uncoached]

Kelly Brook still pluggable in a one piece [on205th]

Jessica Alba shows off her tramp stamp, men cry [CelebSlam]

Sophie Howard can’t find a shirt that’ll hold her chest [Flisted]

Same goes for Jennifer Ellison – suggestion here is for both to do topless shoot [Chavez]

A shaved cooches commercial [Blog of Hilarity]

This looks like it has the ingredients for a hot video [DoubleViking]

Denise Richards gets out of a car, paps attack (nothing special) [UseMyComputer]

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