The Afternoon Dump: Baseball Has Cheaters, Djokovic Plays A Joke, Glavine To Retire, Cooley Zone, Thabeet To NBA, 15 Hardcore Robots, and Gibson’s Marriage Ender

Jennifer likes to show off a little.

Picked up my Storm yesterday, happy with my choice. If you know any cool apps let me know.

Who is going to be the next NBA MVP? Well no one really cares.

Mariners won. . . again. 6-2 on the season!

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Afternoon Dump

Baseball’s biggest tax cheaters [Home Run Derby]

Djokovic can take his time and still beat you [NESW Sports]

Tom Glavine might finally be retiring [More Hardball]

Andy Kennedy is going to plead guilty [Friends of the Program]

The Cooley Zone is where you want to be [Laddy McFaddy]

1927 and 1947 were big days in baseball [Vent About Sports]

Hasheem Thabeet is going to the draft [Coed]

Shaq got punk’d [Epic Carnival]

Top 15 most bad ass robots [Gunaxin]

Oksana, the girl that ending Gibson’s marriage [MoonDog]

Apparently I have a quiz I have to do so today’s dump is a little short, I’ll make it up to you tomorrow.