Lunchtime Lust: Jolene Blalock & Her Lasers
Jolene Blalock – See more hot womenFrom The Jolene Blalock File:

Famous Quote: “I’m the ship ho. All the guys are passing me around.”

Age: Birth class of ’75

Assets: Ridonkulous body (Chickipedia’s words, not ours)

Known For: Played Sub-Commander T’Pol on Star Trek Enterprise

Chased By: Really white guys who sit at home dreaming of ripping off her Vulcan suit

We’ll never forget that red outfit Ms. Blalock wore on Enterprise. Instant wood with those perfect boobs poking out like laser beams. Dating during the teen years took a backseat to being home at night to watch Jolene and her tight body. Missing out on real life chicks ultimately led to blogging and Dong Bong posts.