Cuff ‘Em: Two-Timing Math Teacher Naked As Teen Lover Killed By Other Boy Toy

Teacher Love TriangleYeah, that headline is a little confusing.

Let’s break this down: high school math teacher is naked, her 18-year-old piece of ass is in his boxers and into the room walks math teacher’s 20-year-old boyfriend (left).

She’s 48, by the way.

20-year-old guy gets pissed that some dude is moving in on his former math teacher. See, she was doing and taught both of them.

(Pic of Ms. Tamara Hofmann after the jump.)


Pissed guy busts out a knife and slices the teen. “The blade went in like going into butter,” killer guy told the police.

Is this sports-related? Not really other than it being a little like fencing, but it’s too good to pass up.