BC Special Report: Florida State’s Margo McAuley Is America’s Hottest College Sophomore Student-Athlete



It took us all school year, nearly two complete semesters to find our “Hottest College Sophomore Student-Athlete.”

But BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich finally brought us a candidate it was impossible to turn down.

Meet Florida State soccer player Margo McAuley, a sophomore from Indiana who seems to have taken very well to the Sunshine State lifestyle.

Our Hottest College Athlete subject must be decent on the field and pretty hot off.

Margo meets these requirements. Between the bikini photos and her playing in the 2007 NCAA Tournament, there doesn’t seem to be anyone in her league. She’ll keep her crown until September, so it’ll be a quick reign.


While 2007 was a great year for Margo, this past fall wasn’t.

We’re not sure what the problem was but she only appeared in 2 games and played 9 minutes.

To be a student-athlete, you just have to get ‘some’ playing time. In this case, 9 minutes is like 20 matches when we have photos like the following.

Congrats to Margo on earning her crown.





margo2 margo3 margo4

margo5 margo6 n1167450200_30371470_6079528


Margo (far left)

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