The Afternoon Dump: Dead Goat At Wrigley, No More Peezy, Obama Compared To Dungy, Ketchup Leads To Anarchy, Tony Hawk’s Easter Eggs, Kenny Perry Is Still A Winner, Sergio Garcia Hates Masters


Everyone loves a two for one deal, even Alice.

Mariners swept the A’s so we are at 5-2.

Every time I went to yesterday it mentioned Tiger Woods trying to win. No matter who was ahead by how many strokes, his name would be on the front page somewhere. I think ESPN likes Tiger.

Purdue was dead this weekend, probably because it was Easter.

Getting the Storm tomorrow or Wednesday.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Dead Goat hung at Wrigley Field [NBC Chicago]

Final NBA Standings but with chicks [Cuzoogle]

Corporate Joey is replacing Peezy [Laddy McFaddy]

All I can say is Obama is no Dungy, some good comparisons though [F Juice]

What happened on April 13th, 1954? [Vent About Sports]

A overweight overpaid baseball player [Steady Burn]

No ketchup leads to anarchy [The Slanch Report]

Tony Hawk Easter Egg hunt but with autographed skate boards [Sports Crackle Pop]

Kenny Perry blows the Masters but at least he still has this [The World of Isaac]

Phillies’ announcer dies today [Bettor Fan]

NHL fight of the weekend [The Sporting Blog]

Sergio Garcia doesn’t like the Masters, probably because he lost [Total Pro Sports]

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