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Nick Adenhart (1986-2009)



This picture comes of Nick Adenhart is from 2008 when he was a member of the Salt Lake City Bees.

There were two other people killed in that Mitsubishi. One, Henry Pearson, was a close friend to Matt Clapp at Sharapova’s Thigh. Do yourself a favor and read his tribute to his childhood friend.

There’s so much more that I could say that I can’t even think about right now as I write this with tears dripping down my face. I wouldn’t be anything like I am today without Henry. He changed my life more than anybody.

The other person killed, Courtney Stewart, was a student and sorority sister at Cal-State Fullerton.

Of course the campus is devastated by the news of her death. Just a sad, sad, story.

Call a cab this weekend. Call a parent. Call a friend. Do not get in that car.

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