Update: Emailer Wants Va. Tech Girls Of ACC Report Removed


Someone really wants our Virginia Tech Girls of the ACC report taken down – badly.

BC has now received two messages from Tuesday’s report:

Dear J. Koot,
The article or blog you posted on the Virginia Tech Cheerleader is highly inaccurate and undeserved. She did not try out or even complete the try-out because it required nudity: She was there for moral support for her friend. Please take it down immediately as it could really mess her career up and it is mean and unfair.

Highly inaccurate? Wrong.

You better start complaining to WSLS in Roanoke. Our entire report was based off their initial reporting. All we did was a Google search for Ms. Hinchman. It revealed that she is a Virginia Tech cheerleader.

How are we wrong? When SLS takes down their story, we’ll take down ours.

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